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Well done to the U12 Jersey City Soccer Association (JCSA) team “Blue City” aka Cobalt 35, sponsored by Smart Spaces.  A nice win: 4-1!

Smart Spaces sponsored soccer player by Smart Spaces Electric Vehicle

Go Blue City!

Did you also know Smart Spaces operates a 100% Electric Vehicle fleet?  The truck you see above is a Ford F-150 Lightning.  We can even power a Control4 demonstration right from the Frunk 🙂  Let us know if you would like to see that.

Sponsorship helps JCSA keep sign-up fees low for all of Jersey City’s kids.  We have been sponsoring JCSA for years, and with both girls, boys, and co-ed leagues for recreation and competitive travel programs, it strives to get all kids, no matter their ability, moving and engaged.

Learn more about Jersey City Soccer Association sponsorship:

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