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Home Automation for Real Estate Developers

When it comes to property development, the demand for smart technology is constantly on the rise. The days of simply choosing the right materials and layouts for new properties is quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Today, customers want smart technology incorporated into the design of their living and working spaces to meet their increasingly “connected” lifestyles. Smart Spaces provides value-driven technology solutions that protect real estate developers’ bottom line while offering impressive user experiences. We have implemented smart locks, building access controls and security, common area entertainment features and energy controls. We have even installed interactive sales office presentations.  

As a property owner, we can help you navigate the ever evolving technology to offer impressive and cost effective smart home applications. We have worked with commercial developers, multi-family owners and retailers to produce unique solutions. We have the knowledge and experience to keep you on the cutting edge and competitive.

The Smart Spaces team can educate you on the benefits on installing Control4 smart technology in your projects and moreover, we can help you understand how to do it in a cost-effective way to meet your budgetary constraints. You can look to us to design the systems that meet your needs with the appropriate smart home products and installation specifications.  At the high end, smart homes can be a differentiator from the competition, but more and more, smart automated technologies including voice commands are becoming ubiquitous in everyday life. 

Here are some of the Control4 smart options we offer:

  • Smart lighting in common spaces to reduce energy costs
  • Smart Lighting in individual units to add convenience
  • Thermostats in units, office spaces, and lobby areas
  • Keyless locks on doors
  • Intercom and access systems for on-site and remote access
  • Live-feed HD cameras and recording throughout your property
  • Garage doors in parking areas
  • Base unit automation packages to entice tenants
  • A-la-carte upgrades to allow tenants to realize their vision

Our expertise with Control4 solutions will help you build properties that truly stand out from the crowd and have your future tenants eager to sign up. If you’re a property developer with a vision for your ideal smart technology development, contact us below and let us help make that project a reality.