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Our Approach

We take an individual, customer-first approach when it comes to working with clients. That means choosing the right products, designing the right smart systems, planning for future upgrades, and creating long-term relationships with dedicated follow-ups.

All of our solutions are “created smart, certified simple,” meaning that while we always incorporate the latest technology into your home’s design, we also make it ridiculously simple to use. Since we know you’ll enjoy the technology, we will immediately make it as user-friendly as possible.

When it comes to home automation, the future is always moving forward. Current technologies quickly become obsolete and replaced with updated solutions. That’s why we focus on future planning and being able to grow with you as your needs change going forward.

Our Process

We are an end-to-end solutions provider for your smart home. This means we handle everything: from understanding your unique needs, selecting the right products, installing and testing each system, and delivering top-quality support and customer service.

When it comes to creating a truly smart home, our work is never done. This is why we treat every customer like a lifetime business partner.


More than just the owner of Smart Spaces Group, Jason Madlin has established himself has a technological visionary with a unique ability to understand customer needs and create tailored technological solutions for their projects.

An accomplished smart home architect, civil engineer, IT consultant and ecommerce strategist, Jason has 25 years of experience creating innovative and forward thinking solutions for clients across multiple industries.

Jason founded Smart Spaces Group with one simple goal: to create customized smart home solutions that can meet and exceed any client’s specific needs and vision.

With his combination of industry expertise and technical creativity, Jason is able to design and implement unique systems that make any environment or atmosphere you can imagine come to life.